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Subject: Re: Move ordering - How do I know if I have played this move already?

Author: Andrew Williams

Date: 00:58:21 04/07/99

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On April 07, 1999 at 00:30:46, Steve Maughan wrote:

>Thanks for the input!
>>>Another idea, which may very well be bad, would be to ignore the whole problem
>>>and simply search some moves twice.
>That sounds expensive but I guess the hash table 'should' make a cutoff at the
>next ply.
>>Yeah; I tried this and it was terrible. Because the first move chosen was
>>usually close to the best, it would take a while to cut it off....
>Hmmm - yes sounds bad.  What do others actually do?
>Steve Maughan

My program just checks to see if the move it's about to search is the
same as the transposition table move. If so, it skips the move and goes
on to the next. The last time I tested this (several months ago), this
was somewhat faster than just researching. I don't have killers at the
moment, but when I did, I did the same thing - test the move against each
killer to see if it's already failed to get me a cutoff.


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