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Subject: Re: On the Harry Schnapp book - intended primarily to Dieter Eberle

Author: Gabor Szots

Date: 03:30:01 02/21/06

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On February 21, 2006 at 05:09:07, Harry Schnapp wrote:

>On February 21, 2006 at 01:30:34, Gabor Szots wrote:
>>On February 20, 2006 at 16:19:48, Dieter Eberle wrote:
>>>Hi Gabor,
>>>none of the lines you posted is bad. They may not be played every day by
>>>Kasparov but if you check them with a strong engine like Rybka beta13b you will
>>>find out that the maximal deviation from zero is far below +/- 1, a good result
>>>for a general book in my opinion.
>>>Astonished, Dieter
>>Hi Dieter,
>>I submitted all games with the HS book. I did not claim all the lines were bad.
>>I said the were bizarre. Most of them is too passive to be good. If an engine
>>comes out of the opening with -0.65 (as was the case in Spike vs. Pro Deo) it
>>will probably lose against an opponent of its own caliber.
>   Hi Gabor,
>  As example: the line from Spike vs. Pro Deo is exact,identical also into the
>              following books:Fritz 9.ctg, Junior 9.ctg and Chess Tiger.ctg !!.
>              Other lines also.
>                 Harry Schnapp.

Hi Harry,

Now I can see that I made a mistake when not setting the book to tournament mode
although that is what you suggested in respect to the ChessBase GUI. Only, that
suggestion came too late for me, the tournament was already running.

Best wishes,

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