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Subject: Perft -- Test position and data

Author: Charles Roberson

Date: 06:10:47 02/23/06

   Since I see others (Stuart) working on perft, I'll release a position that
  is helping me find a bug.

     7k/8/8/8/1p6/8/PP6/6K w - - 0 0

    Here are the results
      Depth    Hand Calculation    Telepath
         1            6                 6
         2           31                31
         3          319              1288

     Either my hand calculations are wrong or Telepath has a bug in the
   EP code. The numbers represent the sum of all the nodes in the tree for that
   depth. Thus, the 6 root nodes are counted in the 2 ply and 3 ply counts.

    Given that some do not count the nodes that way subtraction should do the
   trick with the depth counts being 6, 25 and 287 respectively.

     I'd like to see somebody post perft results on this position for as many
    depths as possible assuming they think their engine produces correct

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