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Subject: rotated bitboards obsolete?

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 13:04:13 02/26/06

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Applying the old trick - not using the outer squares of the masked occupied ray
- makes perfect 6-bit range hashing possible. Most often there are only 32
occupied states per ray - only if the source is an outer square, there are 64
states on a eight square ray:

  BitBoard preCalulatedAttacks[64][4][64];

  struct SMagicMask {
    BitBoard mask;
    BitBoard magic;

  // sq  ::= 0..63 square index of a sliding piece
  // dir ::= 0..3  kind of ray (two diagonals, horicontal, vertical)
  occIdx64 = (occupiedBB & mm[sq][dir].mask) * mm[sq][dir].magic) >> 58;
  attacks  = preCalulatedAttacks[sq][dir][occIdx64];

Generated mm-values below in a separate longer post...

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