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Subject: I thought it was a one-timer.

Author: stuart taylor

Date: 09:21:29 03/01/06

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>Hi -
>I think I described the situation on my web site. Please tell me if the
>explanation is lacking.
>In computer chess, there are constantly new things coming up. It doesn't really
>make sense to announce exact dates for exact chess accomplishments. On the other
>hand, I do like the idea of releasing improvements more than once per year. The
>model I use now (of giving a working period, and general targets) is probably
>the best.

Vas, I had got the impression from what you had said in the beginning of all
this fame, that you were intending to provide an analisys tool which is
adequate, and like it was to be a one-time thing, which wouldn't nee much more
Is this now different?

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