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Subject: Re: When is 1.1 out?? Feb 20 is already gone!........(NT)

Author: Jim Bond

Date: 11:54:01 03/01/06

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On March 01, 2006 at 05:43:37, Vasik Rajlich wrote:

>On February 28, 2006 at 17:17:50, Jim Bond wrote:
>>>Hi -
>>>I think I described the situation on my web site. Please tell me if the
>>>explanation is lacking.
>>Hi Vas,
>>Since you made some promises and collected from us but don't want to post exact
>>delivery date, perhaps you could (in your website) narrate: 1) the items you
>>have been working on and 2) the percentages of completion.  Basically a couple
>>of sentences describing the progress on a weekly basis.  How's that?
>Hi Jim,
>actually, this is not a bad idea - a running list of improvements in the next
>release. The web site itself is obviously still a work in (slow) progress.

Hi Vas,

"Slow" is a teaser.  You can make it fast if you wanted to.  I am sure a lot of
fans would like to hear your words.  You can make it slower strategically but
there is a point where it will hurt.

I heard in the form about Jeroen Noomen book.  It is great!  So far, 114 v.s. 40
again Frit8.  Didn't buy Fritz 9 because ... you know.


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