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Subject: Re: Dell computers

Author: Daneil Johnson

Date: 20:48:26 03/06/06

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I don't know what your budget is but I would recomend going to Tiger Direct and
looking for AMD 64-bit computers that are refurbished laptops (They also sell
new computers).
 This is a AMD 4000+ laptop and 1 gig of memory and a 100gb harddrive for
$1199.99 by Gateway.
I have a E-machines 64-bit laptop 3400+ with a 1.25 gig memory that I just love
and have had a year.  You can also find dual core AMD laptops but thet are very
expensive from Alienware, Sager, Prostar, Hypersonic PC
I would avoid Intel processors as they are busy changing their architecture to
clone AMD and now they are even dumping hyperthreading according to The
Inquirer.  If you want to go to a store and buy the best place is BestBuy thats
where I purchased mine.

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