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Subject: Re: Dell computers

Author: Hristo

Date: 21:59:08 03/06/06

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On March 06, 2006 at 21:31:47, Fernando Villegas wrote:

>I have been thinking in getting a new notebook. My current one -I have it as a
>reserve in case the big one get crushed- is an old 1998 Armada model, still
>running Windows 95. I scarcely use it, mainly in holidays when I go out of the
>city and use it to write. It is in fact a typing machine with some old chess
>programs for leisure between a chapter and the next. Nevertheless, although I
>could still keep it for ever, I think that could be good idea a Dell, as much
>any of them offer 10 times more capabilities for a miserable price.
>Now the question:
>How good are those low price Dell machines? Any of you with some experience
>please tell me.

I do have a Dell laptop ($2400 price + an inch of dust on top of it) and as you
may remember I do have an Apple laptop, PowerBook 17", as well.
For the sake of clarity; the Dell machine is fine -- but it is cheap and it is
not fun to use and consequently gathers dust -- I would give it away if I didn't
need it for a project.
The display is complete garbage; it is high resolution (1600x1200), but it is
not evenly lid, which makes it look like there are waves on it; just put a
single color (blue) background and watch the show -- starting from the bottom of
your screen. The battery life (this is with Pentium-M @2 GHz) is not as good as
on the PB. The keyboard is complete garbage, compared to the illuminated
aluminum-finish keyboard on the Apple. The layout of the keyboard is also
horrendous ... The lid (screen) creeks when you adjust it and the latch on the
front is right-down scary; it goes "clang". Many of the connectors are on the
back of the computer, which for a laptop is the worst place to have them. The
bottom of the laptop, i.e. the thing that is supposed to be on your lap, has
more crevasses and pointy things than I can count, so basically the last place
you want to put a Dell is on your lap; lest you want to be surprised by some
warm intake.
Of course this is not the end of it, but we can go on to windows ... where,
IMHO, all comparisons end; you are either going to live with it or you are going
to try something different, your choice.

For what you seem to be interested in the Apple is a far better option. It is
simply a better computer-system for the average user than the Dell+Microsoft
(It isn't just the looks, but even if you were to compare those alone it is
still a heck of a lot better looking than anything Dell has got to offer. :-)

If you want to go for a cheap solution, with the Dell, then this is exactly what
you are going to get; a cheap piece of kaka-del-torro. I only hope that before
you fork out the money you do a real life comparison ... then at least you will
enjoy the smell of your burnt (Dell-ed) money.


this is the last time I going to respond to one of those queries, from you. :-)
This is the best I can do; if you have the money go for Apple. If not then try
something other than Dell, Toshiba seems to be nice and in some respects is
perhaps even nicer than Apple (I don't really know)!


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