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Subject: mate in 30

Author: Lin Harper

Date: 22:08:27 03/06/06

 [D]7k/1p6/1P2p3/1P2P3/4P1p1/6P1/8/K7 w - -

 This is an exercise in 'related squares' taken from a book "How to Play the
Endings", by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky. An old book, some of you will have a copy
it. Page 31.
  My comp has about 226mb of available ram memory, and it seems only about 160mb
maximum to be used on Arena. If I try to set it higher, the memory indicator up
the top goes red.
 Anyway, a mate in 30 is announced after about 6min20secs by Toga11 on my Athlon
2400+, with hash set at about 140mb. I know that some here have 1gig ram, even
more. As mine searches, the ram fills in about half the search time, so I'm
wondering if a *lot* more ram would improve the solving time.
  Perhaps, for the exercise, others here could set up the position and get back
me with their solving times and program/hardware/ram combo's.
   all the best

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