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Subject: Re: Board Representation. Any strong chess engine uses this method? Than

Author: Paul Clarke

Date: 06:23:09 03/07/06

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On March 06, 2006 at 22:16:42, Stuart Cracraft wrote:
>I'd forget about BASIC and its relatives.
>Go with C.
>I would not recommend JAVA, C++, or any of the OOPS languages.
>You need something with speed and that doesn't obfuscate and
>confuse, for computer chess.

A C++ program isn't necessarily going to be significantly slower than a C
program, particularly as most legal C programs are also legal C++ programs. C++
gives you a few extra ways to slow yourself down, but unless you start - e.g. -
calling virtual functions or throwing exceptions in a tight loop, you're
unlikely to notice anything. There may also, depending on the compiler, be a
small overhead to support handling exceptions, but again I doubt it would make a
significant speed difference.

Judging by the code snippet posted recently, Fruit is written in C++, and it
isn't noted for being slow.

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