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Subject: Re: little march tournament, some games

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 09:19:50 03/07/06

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On March 07, 2006 at 12:01:46, Kurt Utzinger wrote:

>>I see. Obviously the method above only works for one single loaded game.
>      This statement might be wrong. All our test games are played
>      in a row with text=PGN and PGN=old format and all works fine.
>      Kurt
>>They should allow exporting whole databases in the old format of course,
>>but I guess this will never come.
>      This is something that does not work in my opinion. The games
>      must have been played with the set up mentioned above. To convert
>      a complete database (PGN) from new to old format, you need a
>      special tool.
>      Kurt
> Thank's god I don't use that GUIs
>>for anything except occasional analysis.

i am not using these GUI's too, only if i have to.
so i am no expert in chessbase gui's.

all i see is that with the hooks on the setting you give,
i still have the EMT in the comments of the games.

ok-- i can investigate further.
IMO the only method to transfer the NEW format is via the OLD CB-GUIs.

the games must have been saved in the cb-format, and not exported with the NEW
gui, instead loaded into the OLD GUIs and THERE exported into PGN.

this means you would have at least to have ONE installation on the machine e.g.
of Hiarcs7.32 or fritz5.32 or Fritz7 or whatever.

but all this "work" to go arround a new format that is not really giving ANY
advantage related with the OLD PGN + {search information} is not something that
makes me happy.

IMO the whole GUI is a can full of bugs. its annoying.
another bug is that the path of the books is always forgotten and you have to
give it the path again and again.

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