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Subject: Re: Best Gambit engine?

Author: Per Jørgensen

Date: 10:37:41 03/07/06

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On March 07, 2006 at 13:24:51, Dom Leste wrote:

>Thanks Per for imput. You didnt mention Gambit Tiger? In Chessmaster 10 Marshall
>personality plays great gambit chess. Sometimes too optimisic with some
>positions but very entertaining!

Hello Dom!

I had to choose between testing Gambit Tiger and Chess Tiger 15.0 and in the end
I chose the latter. Another engine that I haven't been testing and that might be
a strong gambit player is Gambit Fruit. Still, I find it hard to believe that
any engine (including Rybka 1.1) can exceed those amazing 90% of Hiarcs 10 with
the pieces in King's gambit. Hiarcs 10 (especially with Hypermodern ON) has an
outstanding dynamic playingstyle which makes it a very dangerous opponent to all
engines (as well as humans :-)) and that especially in unbalanced positions.


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