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Subject: Re: Bookup vs other opening software

Author: Robin Smith

Date: 10:59:57 03/07/06

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On March 06, 2006 at 23:14:09, Daneil Johnson wrote:

>I wanted to study openings too but was not sure which program to use Chessbase,
>Chess Assistant 8.1, the Comprehensive Chess Openings 2005, Openings Instructor,
>and Bookup.  If someone has Chessbase do they really need Bookup?
>I like the way Comprehensive Chess Openings 2005 list the openings in their
>openings table mode its like BCO but cannot use a external chess engine, only
>can use built in Crafty.  For the money, for Bookup Pro, I could buy Chess
>Assistant 8.1 mega and then link up uci engines (I hope so).  I already have
>Chessbase but afraid to add to books and screw up the opening books. Maybe the
>Chessbase program can do everything Bookup can but I don't know how to use it
>correctly. I have been sitting on the fence for awhile and cannot make up my
>mind about buying Bookup.  If someone can help please guide me on how to best
>improve and learn openings I will be grateful.  Cost is not really important but
>value is.

I personally like Bookup very much. Chessbase and Chess Assistant both do more
or less the same thing (they are primarily games database programs), while
Bookup is very different (position database program only), and is much more
geared to creating and studying your own private opening repertoire. However
Bookup is not everyone's cup of tea and has fewer features per dollar than
either Chessbase or Chess Assistant, so if you are basing your expectations on
the number of features they provide you may be disappointed. I suggest before
buying anything you download and try the trial version of Bookup at:


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