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Subject: Newbie Need Help...!

Author: Mike Agnos

Date: 14:16:41 03/07/06

I have the American version of Fritz 8 by Viva Media.  I am unable to find the
"beginner's course."  I have followed the instructions, of course, but I still
can't find it.  The instructions say "click Window then Database", then once in
the Database I get a list of 506,444 games.  Then, in this window, the booklet
says to click "File" then "Open" then "Database."  A little window appears
titled "select database."  Then it says I should "browse for the database you
want." (How?) Then the booklet says "in the Directory "database" you will find
the "beginner's course."  Then double-click to open the Beginner's Course.
Alas, I can't find a directory...I thank you in advance for help and advice..The
thought has occured that maybe Viva Media was to cheap to include the Beginner's

warm regards from California
Michael Agnos
Hemet, CA

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