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Subject: Re: Bookup vs other opening software

Author: Joseph Ciarrochi

Date: 22:12:55 03/07/06

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I think the sierwan book advocates an opening system approach (e.g., try to use
the same basic setup everytime).

I have finally come to the conclusion that this is not a good approach. I think
it is important for Grade A to B (1600-2000) players to learn many different
openings and especially the middle game plans associated with those openings.
Otherwise, there are certain critical plans you rarely see (e.g., isolated q
pawn....or minority attacks, etc), and you will always be limited in how good
you can get. In contrast, if you learn many opening plans, you will get
cross-fertilization of ideas (e.g., when you see the scandi and caro kann have
much common...sometimes)

Another thing i don't like about a system approach is it makes you a bit
insensitive to the particulars of the situation. For example, sometimes the
colle setup is good, sometimes it is not (against KID I've been told).

Anwyay, don't believe anything i say.  what do i know?. I am only about
1850.....I'll post if i ever reach 2000


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