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Subject: Coming soon: Little Goliath Gold 2.0 FINAL RELEASE

Author: CLiebert

Date: 03:59:11 04/29/99

Little Goliath Gold 2.0 FINAL RELEASE

Michael Borgstaedt has just finished LGG 2.0. It seems to be much stronger
than any other LGG/LG-Engine before, most likely stronger than crafty 16.5.
Absolutly amazing are the bs-problem-solving-results (2574 BS-Elo PII300).
This is more than any other profi-engine behind fritz5.
You will find more infos and the downloadable engine (during the next days)
at and .../css199.htm (Homepage/forum of the german
computerchess-magazin CSS).

                             LITTLE GOLIATH CHESS
                  (ENGINE FOR FRITZ 5.32 and WINBOARD 4.0.0)

                               VERSION GOLD 2.0


   LITTLE GOLIATH GOLD 2.0 is exclusive available on the CSS (Computer
   Schach & Spiele) magazine service disk. The "Gold" version based on
   LITTLE GOLIATH (last version 1.41a), but is much tuned (very fast code,
   more knowledge, better tactics). Some parts of the commercial GOLIATH
   (will be released in spring 1999) are included to give an idea what
   the commercial version will offer.

   For installation under WINBOARD, please check the documentation which
   comes with WINBOARD. For installation under FRITZ 5.32 / NIMZO 99
   please check the WINBOARD-REPORT (CSS magazine February 99 edition,
   or the CSS homepage

   If an opening book should be used, LITTLE GOLIATH expects the files
   'BOOK.DAT' and 'BOOK.IND' in the same directory. This new opening
   is available from the author (, perhaps in the
   nearest future for download on the CSS homepage too.
   If you want to use the old books (LBOOK = standard book, or TBOOK =
   tournament book), you must rename the files. However, I recommend to
   use the new book only.

   Fritz/Winboard doesn't offer a dialog to change some of the engine's
   options, so you must edit the file GOLIATH.INI for setting hashtable
   size, book and playing styles. The default settings perhaps don't
   offer the best performance. See the GOLIATH.INI for explanation of
   the possible settings.

   LITTLE GOLIATH is NOT freeware.
   The program is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any form
   without the written permission of the author (Michael Borgstaedt,
   Essen, Germany).

   Please send bug reports and suggestions to:


   Michael Borgstaedt

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