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Subject: new version of chessprogram "Bringer 1.3" for free download

Author: Gerrit Reubold

Date: 09:08:19 06/04/99

Hello all,

Bringer 1.3 is available for download from shareware page.

Changes compared with Bringer 1.2:
- PGN Files with "FEN" tag now supported
- "clear board" button (setup position) works now
- saved games can be loaded again
- Pieces don't dissapear from the board (by drag&droppping them somewhere else)
- Timecontrols are used more cautious, less "lost on time"...
- "Analyze game" may hae caused program crash, now fixed.
- Improved output to winboard

new option: resign bad positions
new option: sliding pieces
Games can now be saved as PGN
Clocks: they show the last single response time
Levels: "Fisher Timing" now read to use
Gamescore: checkmate sign (#) now supported,
chess engine modified (improved!?)

Finally a question: What features would you like in the next version? What bugs
need to be fixed? Or shoul I work mainly on playing strength? Please send me a
mail with suggestions, criticism, etc. I am interested in games which Bringer

Have fun, greetings,
Gerrit Reubold

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