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Subject: Re: AnMon 4.25 download !

Author: Pete Galati

Date: 14:22:45 06/22/99

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On June 22, 1999 at 16:47:58, Frank Quisinsky wrote:

>On June 22, 1999 at 16:05:57, Pete Galati wrote:
>>On June 22, 1999 at 15:18:13, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>>On June 22, 1999 at 11:31:25, Pete Galati wrote:
>>>>On June 22, 1999 at 03:52:42, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>>>>The strong france chess programm can you find under ...
>>>>>AnMon play under WinBoard and the Chess Base GUI (Fritz 5-32, Hiarcs 7-32 ...)
>>>>>See the readme text !
>>>>>Big thanks for Christian Barreteau (FRA).
>>>>>The programm play with over 2400 ELO, see WinBoard tournament from Kai and me.
>>>>>Kind regards
>>>>My first impressions of the program are that it's very good. If you do download
>>>>a copy on of the first things you might want to do is go into Anmon's ini file
>>>>and turn on the opening book because by default it is off, I don't know why.
>>>>Pete Galati
>>>Hello Pete,
>>>the Opening Book from AnMon is very good for the stil from AnMon (I think that,
>>>when I see my test games) because under Fritz (I tested under WinBoard) AnMon
>>>play not with Book on my machine.
>>>More people testing and playing under Fritz and than I writing in the ini File
>>>Book=off ! Many WB Engines play not under Fritz with the book.
>>>I hope Christian is not angry, because the readme from AnMon (for the CSS,
>>>german computer chess magazin) and the AnMon.ini konfiguration is from me.
>>>Kind regards
>>I always forget how popular Fritz has become. But it was not a problem at all
>>using AnMon with Winboard, right away it was evident that it wasn't using the
>>book so I went to the ini file and changed "ENABLE_BOOK = FALSE" to "ENABLE_BOOK
>> = TRUE" and that makes the book work.
>>Thanks for making it available Frank.
>Not thanks for me, thanks for Christian Barreteau !
>I talk with Christian and he mean this is good that AnMon is available for more
>and more WinBoard Fans. I help with a readme in german and the CSS will
>available more amateur programs on the website. This make my friend Djordje,
>because Djordje hat another problem and than I looked that. Alessandro Daminai
>will put your Fortress 1.61 in the next days of the CSS Homepage. In the CSS
>standing more and more results from amateur engines and more and more storys.
>This is good than I think that the programmer make an good working and many
>people have interest on this programs. Tom Vijlbrief (ANT) and Michael Borgstädt
>(Goliath) give your programs for the website. I hope Djordje can play chess
>without to think on the last month. When Djorjde see that AnMon 4.25 is
>available than he played with AnMon night for night and the women from Djordje
>is angry :-))
>I writing in CCC when Fortress is available. Sorry another for my bad english.
>Kind regards

Your English is just fine, I don't understand all of it, but I think I
understand what you're saying. Fortress is another good program! I like the
selection of Chess programs on your site. I don't know your language but I have
bookmarked your site so I can find it again.


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