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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 01:26:41 06/24/99

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On June 23, 1999 at 17:37:26, Dave Gomboc wrote:

>>Aha ! And the operators e.g. of HIARCS were paid by Mark Uniacke, author of
>>hiarcs? or they were paid by chessBase.

>So what?  Maybe that is part of their contractual arrangement, maybe it was a
>gesture of goodwill, or maybe you are even wrong.  Whatever the case, what
>relevance does it have?  Each engine stood (or fell, but I think they all stood)
>on their own merits.  You can suggest some conspiracy theory where results were
>fixed between various ChessBase engines, but I'm not buying your bridge, sorry.

???? So what ? Which conspiracy. Learn to READ. You need letters. And than
you read them character by character. And you need to interpret them right.
When Hiarcs was not operated by a member of the Hiarcs team, but a member
of the ChessBase team, than hiarcs was mainly working for chessBase.
You seem to be very naive. They came with 4 programs and wanted to win a title.
this did not work.
all 4 programs had the same chessBase user-interface.
Your claim that I have seen a conspiracy somewhere is a lie.
I never said. All i said was, that chessBase started with 4 programs.
You want to deny this. I wonder how ? Can only be a product of your

>>You are naive. You have not seen the chessBase team sitting arround all the
>>while and friedel running arround from desk to desk and asking:
>>do you want to sell your engine to us ?

>So what?

So what ?

>  Germany had a market economy, the last time I checked.

May be right. But this has nothing to do with the things i am discussing.
I was talking about chessbase participating with 4 programs in the same

>  If Fred
>Friedel (or Ossi Weiner, or anybody else) wants to try and make some more money
>by having another chess engine available to plug into their product, there's
>nothing wrong with that!  And program authors are free to say yes or no as they
>see fit.


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