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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: blass uri

Date: 06:49:15 06/25/99

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On June 25, 1999 at 08:24:45, Amir Ban wrote:
>I don't know of mistakes Junior did in the bishop endgame, and if anyone can
>point them out, I want to know. If I'm right, the critical mistake was 40... Bd3
>allowing white to force the rook trade.

I agree that Junior did not do mistakes in the bishops ending and when I said
that it did not understand the bishop endgame I meant that it did not understand
that it went to a lost endgame.

The positional advantage of white is that white has pawns at black squares
and white can go with the king to the centre.
black has a weak pawn at f7 and this weak pawn is the reason that the black king
cannot get into play.

These factors are more important than the advantages of black


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