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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Dan Andersson

Date: 09:58:42 06/25/99

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If a player looks at a position, a mate in one position will look bad if the
attacker has sacrificed material. Obviously this does not apply to most and not
your program. Mr Alterman must not have looked at whites pawn push d4-d5-d6 and
blacks forced replies, there is also one main tacical point that could be
missed,the line 45. Kf2 a3 46. Bg4 b5 47. d7 Bxd7 48. Bxd7 b4 49. e6 when black
is forced to capture on e6. I would classify this as one of IM David Levys
'never' positions. I.e black will never be able to get his king to whites
advanced pawns. I think Levy only considered a statically locked feature a
'never' one (as cloistered bishops and captured queens), but due to contant
tactical threats black is forced to remain with his king on the kingside. That
said the endgame is conceptually easy to win as white, the black bishop is
constrained by the pawn on d6 and the soon to become white square pawns. Get the
white king inside the quadrant of the c pawn and simultaneously make black
advance and thereby weaken his pawns a4-b5-c4. weak advanced pawns guarded by a
bad bishop vs. K and good bishop ,there is always tactics but then again the
white concepts are simple. As to earlier in the game on move 41 black had the
opportunity to play 41 ... c3 to advance the c pawn then white has two main
alternatives 42 Rb7 and 42 Rb8+. 42 Rb7 Rc6 (42 ... Rb6! 43 Rxb6 (43 Rxc7 Rb1
-+) cxb6 44 Bxa4 (44 d5 Kf8 -+) b5 45 Bd1 b4 46 d5 c2 47 Bxc2 Bxc2 -+)  43 Bxa4
c2 44 Bxc2 Rxc2 45 Rb8+ Kh7 46 e6 fxe6 47 f7 Rc1+ 48 Kf2 Rf1+ 49 Ke3 Rxf7 50
Kxd3 Rf2 w. a better position for white, i.e. white can always draw w. 51 Rb7.
42 Rb8+! Kh7 43 d5 c6 44 d6 Bf5 45 Rb7 Be6 46 d7 Ra8 47 Bxa4 Rd8 48 Rc7 Rxd7 49
Rxd7 Bxd7 50 Kf2 +-). It seems to me as black is lost in that position. Earlier
in the game 35 ... b4 seems bad, weakening the queenside cohesion. It is opening
up the position when the white pieces have more scope, so black need to prepare
for it. The black  bishop on e4 is not that bad. But in conjunction w. the
advanced pawn on f6 fixing a weak pawn f7 and restricting blacks King it is
serious. Black position is shaky and white only has one weakness, the pawn chain
beginning at c3.

Regards Dan

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