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Subject: Re: WCCC and some NPS observations

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 13:26:20 06/25/99

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On June 25, 1999 at 13:03:51, Albert Silver wrote:

>I would be careful not to qualify Fritz the program according to who produces
>it. Fritz is incredibly strong and has it's rightful place in the top spots. I
>can't say I like it's style either (which is why I don't spar with it) but it
>does come up with interesting moves and is an invaluable aid in analysis.

I agree with the style and that it is a kind of reference in user-interface
and that chessbase is some years in forward, because they were the first
company developing professional software.
But - i cannot use fritz for analysis.
Wchess. hiarcs. mchess. the king. cstal. and others give IMO better results.
i do not use fritz for analysis. it oversees things and it has
stupid main-lines.
it is good in finding key-moves fast, but the king is better in this

>Clearly you aren't a fan of Chessbase and although Fritz is very much
>Chessbase's flagship for chess-playing programs, I wouldn't cease to like a
>program for this. A similar stance has been argued regarding players such as
>Alekhine. Should one ignore his games because of the strong accusations
>concerning his anti-semitism?

I do differenciate between persons and actions.
It must be possible to value his playing and to critisize his comments
about anti-semitism.
Same counts for Kasparov, Fischer etc.
Same for the ChessBase guys. Same for me and for you from my point of

> IMO I would say not. Finally, what exactly is your
>complaint regarding Chessbase magazine's comments on Fritz?

>                                Albert Silver

They have very often given other programs (MCS, Hiarcs-DOS, Shredder, Rebel,
Mchess) mean articles where they help NOT TO BUY these products.
this is very sad. Because the publisher of the magazine is the owner of
ChessBase. He calls himself journalist but by doing this (writing bad articles
about other than chess-base products) he helps to destroy other companies
although their products are not weaker.
If a journalist hides himself this way and calls advertising pro a certain
company that is HIS company "journalism" i would say: something is wrong.
if he would stop doing this, i would not critisize him.
thats all.

The best example is e.g. Shredder. I remember a very sad article against
stefan meyer kahlen in computer-schach and spiele.
One reason why stefan worked so hard is that he wanted to show them
that he is not that weak as they hurt him by publishing this mean article.
now he is world-champion and they come and ask him for interviews etc.
and he can enjoy that they HAVE to report about him, and that they cannot
write bullshit this time.

feel free to comment.

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