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Subject: Re: Mercilous Attack? What is it? What is the ECO on it?

Author: James Robertson

Date: 18:57:36 07/07/99

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On July 07, 1999 at 15:59:52, Jeremiah Penery wrote:

>On July 07, 1999 at 15:44:04, Dann Corbit wrote:
>>What exactly is the Mercilous Attack?
>>What is the ECO classification for the Mercilous Attack?
>>Why do computers have a hard time with it?
>>What are the principal variations?
>The Mercilous Attack is where someone sacrifices a piece (usually a minor piece,
>like a knight) to open the h-file, where a mate can soon follow.  I have some
>games I'll try to dig up and post them.  I don't know that there's any specific
>ECO for this attack, since there are ways to get it from almost any opening, I
>think.  The only time it's dangerous to computers should be at fast time
>control.  At relatively slow time controls, most computers should see the mate,
>and will avoid taking the offered piece (This is mostly guessing on my part.)

In Crafty lingo, this is a "Trojan horse" attack.


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