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Subject: Re: MTD is a big win. - about 180 verified ECM positions

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 17:11:52 07/20/99

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On July 20, 1999 at 20:05:01, Dann Corbit wrote:

>Look Here:
>There are 7765 EPD positions from common test suites analyzed at between 8 hours
>and 12 minutes of PII 300 MHZ CPU time (depending on position and whim).
Here is an interesting summary:
White(1): epdscor apocalypse.epd
total: 7624
total acd: 104572   mean total acd: 13.72
solve: 5701   solve percent: 74.78
solve acd: 77195   mean solve acd: 13.54
unsol: 1923   unsol percent: 25.22
unsol acd: 27377   mean unsol acd: 14.24

Most (not all) of the unsolved EPD scores are actually bugs in the EPD suites
themselves.  At least 3/4 of them, maybe 9/10.  The others are Zugzwang problems
or deep positional concepts that are beyond most chess program's ability to

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