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Subject: Re: MTD is a big win.

Author: Dan Homan

Date: 21:09:10 07/20/99

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On July 20, 1999 at 22:04:42, Don Dailey wrote:

>Occam uses the same state copy and update technique all the way through
>the quies search.  Occam is my new chess program which is doing over
>400,000 nodes per second on a pentium 500 in middlegame positions.
>State copy is simply  not expensive.  It makes the whole chess program
>a whole lot cleaner too, so it should appeal to meticulous programmers.

400,000 nps - Wow!  I do a state copy in my program, and I always
assumed that was my major bottleneck.  I've been recently thinking
of some (in one case rather silly) ideas for replacing it with a fast
make/unmake.  Maybe I'll keep the state copy and look elsewhere for
slowdowns. How large is your "state" structure which gets copied?

 - Dan

>- Don

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