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Subject: Re: I resign the Post as Moderator.

Author: Jeroen van Dorp

Date: 15:47:48 07/22/99

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I think that's true.
It is to the moderators to come to an agreement on policy. Voting for "opposite"
opinions only gives checks and balances.
No one can force Fernando to be or stay moderator but as a principle I agree you
have to stand for your principle, and at least a few times.

But if you stay with your decision: thanks for the ungrateful work -so it
sometimes seems- and for your spare time alotted to CCC.

Jeroen ;-}


AND PLEASE will people NOT talk about JOKES and POSTINGS that I can NOT read so
that I im lying awake at night tossing and turning over what fun stuff or big
potential quarrel I could have missed? I can't afford to be online for 24 hours.
My boss won't let me.
So I'm really p<deleted by 3 to 2 votes>d off about that f<deleted by 4 to 1
vote>ing deleting of posts. What is it here, a kindergarten? <preliminary
acceptance by a majority of moderators, two votes pending> :-)))

<advice by moderators about this message: let the poor sucker post. No one will
read it anyway. Let's have a beer. Hey, are those onion flavor pretzels? Like
chips? Here you are, want AMD or Intel flavor, haha, aren't we mighty
funny....blah blah...>

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