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Subject: Re: I resign the Post as Moderator.

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 17:52:44 07/22/99

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On July 22, 1999 at 20:47:26, Mark Young wrote:
>I am not disagreeing that the post sould or sould not have been deleted, the
>question is how do you know when the post was deleted that it should have been,
>when you did not see it. In this case you are the third moderator, One moderator
>thought the post was ok, he posted it. One moderator thought it should be
>deleted, he deleted it. That seems like a clear case for you to be consulted to
>break the disagreement. Instead Bruce just took it opon himself to delete the
>post. Unless you have given Bruce your vote by proxy, and if that is the case
>why are you still here as a moderator. Just resign and let Bruce run the show.
Bruce deleted it.
KarinsDad could have decided the post was worth restoring at some future date.
If then Fernando decided along with KarinsDad that it should be restored, then I
expect it would be (2/3 moderators chose that stance).
In the meantime, we have been deprived of the post for some hours.

So what?  The alternative is to remove the moderator's ability to act, which is
just plain ridiculous.  If I am forced to moderate and I see a post that I think
should be removed, I will remove it on the spot.  Then I will ask the other two
their opinions via email.  If both think I was all wet, then I would restore it.

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