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Subject: Re: I resign the Post as Moderator.

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 18:40:56 07/22/99

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On July 22, 1999 at 21:29:44, Bruce Moreland wrote:
>>I don't think any one person should be allowed to impose their guidelines,
>>standards, etc. on the rest of us here at the CCC.  I don't believe it was ever
>>set up with a ONE MAN show in mind.  No matter who it is.
>Alright.  Let's talk practical stuff, like I in fact did in my "platform" thing.
>Someone who you have never heard of writes a post with the title:
>"F--- you"
>The content of the post is:
>"No really, f--- you".
>That's all, but of course the hyphens in the post are of course not hyphens, and
>I would ordinarily spell out the words, but given the present climate I think
>people would probably jump on me.
>You run across this post at 12:38 a.m., as you are getting ready to go to bed.
>What do *you* do about this, as one of three moderators?

Not only would I delete it, I would not even bother sending an email to the
other moderators to ask their opinion.

That is one of the reasons I said in my statement that moderators would be
called upon to use their "brain-pan."

On Usenet, there are forums:
news:rec.humor  {Jokes and the like -- may be somewhat offensive}
news:rec.humor.funny  {Jokes that are funny -- in the moderator's opinion}
news:alt.tasteless.jokes {title says it all}

I don't read them, but if you like that sort of thing -- there you go.

I am not saying that we should sterilize this forum like some hospital
instrument.  But if (in the judgement of an acting moderator) something that is
supposed to be funny may offend a significant fraction of the audience -- then
it should be removed.  All the more so because there are appropriate forums for
that sort of thing.

Go and take a look at and you will find that it is
still a cesspool precisely because you can post anything you like to an
unmoderated Usenet newsgroup.  The entire purpose of this forum was to provide a
location where people can talk about chess/computer related issues in a place
free from offensive posts.

Moderators were chosen for their judgement.  Let them exercise it.
For Crying Out Loud.

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