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Subject: Re: I see 2 minor problems

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 08:28:24 07/23/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 09:02:57, Harald Faber wrote:

>As far as I can see it without knowing Fernandos post, there are 2 problems
>1) Fernando kind of overreacted due to his message deletion.
>2) Bruce who strictly sticks to the charter.
>My personal point of view is that (1) COULD/SHOULD be no problem. When I was
>moderator there were also messages deleted that I had written. I had no problem
>with that. I was not very lucky about that but I understood and accepted that at
>least another moderator saw my posts as inappropriate. Where is the problem to
>say, OK, maybe it was wrong and shouldn't be posted here? I know that there are
>some guys having big problems with that, some left CCC because of such.
>TOLERANCE is the keyword. A bit more tolerance instead of being stubborn and
>feeling offended.
>The same for Bruce. A bit more tolerance and he wouldn't have deleted that joke.
>I am totally aware that this here is a computer chess club, but do we have to
>stick that strictly to this? Offtopics should be handled with appropriate
>sensitivity. Jokes with Nazis, sodomy etc. are certainly not tolerable but I
>don't assume Fernando having made such a joke.
>So PROBABLY there wouldn't have a problem risen if more T O L E R A N C E would
>exist. That's all I expect from everyone her. And I don't think that I expect
>too much.
>Think about it.
>Harald Faber, glad not to have been elected :-)

I think there _was_ a bit of 'excessive' tolerance shown.  IE back up 2 weeks
to the long thread about women in CCC.  Something was written that shouldn't
have been written.  It was allowed to remain when it shouldn't have been allowed
to remain.  And the thread grew nearly out of control because some took the
comment in a way it probably wasn't meant to be taken.

I think cutting off a second such post quickly was probably the right idea.  It
had _nothing_ to do with a moderator decision, so no discussion was stifled.  It
had nothing to do with computer chess, so nothing relevant to the group was
removed.  I am on several mailing lists (a couple with Linux, etc) and when
a joke comes across, the sender usually gets flamed out of existance as it just
doesn't belong.  There are places for jokes.  This isn't one of them, unless
there is some relevance to computer chess or something related to it...

What is funny in some parts of the world is absolutely insulting in others.  It
is better to eliminate anything that might fall into the latter case...

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