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Subject: Re: I see 2 minor problems

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 09:12:18 07/23/99

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On July 23, 1999 at 09:02:57, Harald Faber wrote:

>As far as I can see it without knowing Fernandos post, there are 2 problems
>1) Fernando kind of overreacted due to his message deletion.
>2) Bruce who strictly sticks to the charter.

I don't strictly stick to the charter.  There have been off topic posts that
I've let pass without comment.  In my "platform" I mentioned that I would be
tolerant of off-topic posts because I don't think that the general attitude of
the membership is that they want strict enforcement of the charter in this

>My personal point of view is that (1) COULD/SHOULD be no problem. When I was
>moderator there were also messages deleted that I had written. I had no problem
>with that. I was not very lucky about that but I understood and accepted that at
>least another moderator saw my posts as inappropriate. Where is the problem to
>say, OK, maybe it was wrong and shouldn't be posted here? I know that there are
>some guys having big problems with that, some left CCC because of such.
>TOLERANCE is the keyword. A bit more tolerance instead of being stubborn and
>feeling offended.
>The same for Bruce. A bit more tolerance and he wouldn't have deleted that joke.
>I am totally aware that this here is a computer chess club, but do we have to
>stick that strictly to this? Offtopics should be handled with appropriate
>sensitivity. Jokes with Nazis, sodomy etc. are certainly not tolerable but I
>don't assume Fernando having made such a joke.
>So PROBABLY there wouldn't have a problem risen if more T O L E R A N C E would
>exist. That's all I expect from everyone her. And I don't think that I expect
>too much.

I was sitting here at 8:00 p.m. my time, which was 11:00 eastern.  I saw a post
labelled "off topic but funny".  It was a joke relating to positions for
intercourse.  I felt that it was going to cause trouble if it stayed, so I
deleted it.

I don't mind some off topic stuff, but that is asking for trouble.

We got two complaints about the Spanish language version, so that is gone as


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