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Subject: Re: Hmmmmmmm

Author: Dave Gomboc

Date: 08:55:00 07/24/99

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On July 24, 1999 at 11:42:08, James Robertson wrote:

>On July 24, 1999 at 02:21:10, KarinsDad wrote:
>>On July 24, 1999 at 01:39:18, James Robertson wrote:
>>>>I disagree. Bruce showed good judgement. He weighed the worthlessness of the
>>>>post and the chance of it creating controversy versus Fernando's desire to have
>>>>it posted. Nobody is clairvoyant enough to figure out that Fernando would take
>>>>it so hard. Quite frankly, I was shocked that he did. If one of my worthless
>>>>posts would have been deleted, I would have said, "Oh well.".
>>>Remember that for Fernando it is not just one worthless post. It represents the
>>>_kind_ of post he would like to post here, and he planned to post a lot more
>>>than just one.
>>Yet again James, your clarity of thought astounds me.
>>I have been trying unsuccessfully to determine why this was such a big deal to
>>Fernando and also why Fernando took the position of moderator in the first
>>place. Thank you for illumnating these for me. I am such a dunce sometimes.
>>I will be keeping a close eye on JRCP and it's games now. At the next WCCC, I
>>expect it to be my main competition. Maybe you made a mistake here and alerted
>>us all to how really smart you are (as if JRCP's quick results were not a good
>>enough indicator already).
>>KarinsDad :)
>Stop! You're going to give me a fat head. I really try to make sensible posts,
>but I still goof up! Attributing motives ("he planned to write more than just
>one") is always a mistake, even if I can back this one up.... :(
>And I do hope to see you at the next WCCC. Our programs seem so different; yours
>is an excellent positional player aware of strange concepts such as square
>control, while mine is all speed and no brains (yet).
>Also, if we go to a WCCC, you will no longer be KarinsDad. :)

Whoops, you might just have discouraged him from going. :?


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