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Subject: Re: gcc / cygwin threads revisited

Author: James Swafford

Date: 14:38:09 07/25/99

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On July 25, 1999 at 17:08:03, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>using fork, no...  but you can create a shared memory region with mmap() or
>shmget/shmat, then fork, and both threads will still see that block of shared
>memory.  put your shared stuff in there and both can see it.  Of course, you
>had _better_ be using some sort of mutex/semaphore facility to protect things
>from interleaved updating...

Yes... I am using semaphores, which is going to be the next issue.
In MSVC, I used the CSemaphore and CSingleLock objects.  Once I
sort out this thread issue, I'll tackle the semaphores.  Hopefully
that will complete the port. :-)  I'm *hoping* that the code that
compiles under CygWin will also compile cleanly under Linux/GCC.

I'll try the pthread stuff you mentioned before.  Unfortunately, I
won't have much time this week, so I'll just plan on some more
headaches next weekend.  Thanks for the help. :-))


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