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Subject: Re: Tactical monsters: Fritz5.32 and Goliath 2.05

Author: James Robertson

Date: 11:22:26 08/03/99

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On August 03, 1999 at 03:23:49, Jouni Uski wrote:

>I K6-2/450 both have average NPS around 450 000, but peaks up to 900 000.
>After running about 500 test positions it's still impossible to tell which one
>is better tactically: both were best in 3 test suites from 6. Some examples:
>        Fritz      Goliath
>BS2830  22/27      15/27
>BT2630  24/30      28/30
>ECMF5   157/216    164/216    (1 min/pos)

I think Fritz is. Goliath is a 'testsuite' monster, but in actual play doesn't
do that well; I have played many games between Crafty and LGG, and often Crafty
sees tactical wins one or sometimes even two(!) whole moves ahead.


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