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Subject: Parallel search

Author: Brian McKinley

Date: 10:47:35 08/06/99

I am implementing a parallel search, and I have 2 questions for those who have
gone before me.

1. If my parent thread has searched all moves at a ply and a child thread is
still searching, should the parent thread wait for the child thread to return,
or should it abort the search in the child thread and re-search the move from
the parent?  This would allow the child thread to be placed back in the pool so
that both threads are working again.  I am assuming that the re-search would be
fast to the point where there child was stopped.

2. If a score comes back that is greater than alpha and less than beta and there
is a child thread searching another move for this ply, should I update beta in
the child thread?  Am I correct in assuming that this is not an issue for MTDf?

-- Brian McKinley

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