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Subject: Is "Interesting mate test..." the longest ever thread....

Author: Tina Long

Date: 20:07:53 09/11/99

It's a bit tricky for me, so I only read the first 287 posts on that thread.

Being an Econometrician, Self employed business consultant, Female, 28,
Triathlete, Motorcycle (Honda '83 like Wayne Gardner had in '83) rider,
Correspondence chess player, marijuana smoking rum drinking single bitch, user
since Sycsys (sp?) 4, not programmer, no scanner (no picture),

I was thinking:
what have been the longest threads here?
"Interesting mate test for hashing"
"I'm leaving & never coming back"
"moderation: moderation is moderate"

what have been the most virulant (nasty) threads here?
"CSTal ran out of time"
"Rolf is not an animal"
"1.g3 isn't in Rebel's book"

what have been the funniest threads here?
"I beat Rebel 1000 times in a row"

whatta you reckon guys,

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