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Subject: Re: Bitboard user's information request

Author: Dan Newman

Date: 02:42:45 10/06/99

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On October 05, 1999 at 12:00:19, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>I have finished writing a paper for the JICCA on the rotated bitmap approach
>to chess...  although it includes traditional (non-rotated) bitmaps as well
>since an understanding of them is necessary to appreciate rotated bitmaps.
>There is very little literature to reference, excepting the paper in the
>old Chess Skill in Man and Machine book, so I thought that I would at least
>mention the names of current (and past, such as Kaissa) programs that are or
>did use bitboards.
>If you are using them, either post the particulars here (name of program,
>author, affiliation [if any], and so forth) and I'll include it.

I'm working on one now that I am provisionally calling Shrike (after
the bird that impales its prey on cactus needles), but I've only been
working on this one for about 2 1/2 weeks...

It uses non-rotated bitboards and so must frequently scan the board
for slider move generation and attack detection.

So far I like it.  It's given me the simplest move generator and
make/undo code that I've gotten so far.  It is slightly slower
generating moves than my 0x88 program, but I suspect/hope that will
be offset by gains elsewhere--specifically in the SEE and eval.

Name: Shrike
Author: Dan Newman


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