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Subject: Re: PB-ON vs PB-OFF (final results)

Author: Jeremiah Penery

Date: 07:16:59 10/15/99

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On October 15, 1999 at 08:57:17, Ratko V Tomic wrote:

>Interesting results, especially the #2. I suppose, you could negate a good deal
>of pondering advantage if the program were to pick the 2nd best move if it is
>close enough (say, within 0.1 pawns margin) to the best move and the ranking at
>the top seems stable from iteration to iteration (if it is not stable, e.g. in
>very dynamic positions, then the odds of move being guessed will be lower
>anyway, decreasing the need to purposefully vary the choice).

But what's to say that this isn't the move being pondered already?  Any
asymmetry in the evaluation function could cause this to happen.  I think it'd
be interesting to try, but it would also be quite difficult to program, since
Alpha-Beta does not return the 2nd best move.  It only returns the best move,
and says "all other moves are worse than this move".


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