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Subject: Re: So how do we tell when to avoid null-move?

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 09:48:25 11/05/99

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On November 05, 1999 at 12:39:20, David Eppstein wrote:

>This and the many other null-move-killer positions regularly posted here seem to
>show that crafty's simplistic check (avoid null move when side to move has only
>one non-queen piece) could stand some improvement.  What better algorithms are
>other programs using to tell when a position might be zugzwang?  I vaguely
>remember a commercial programmer (Christophe or Ed?) making a cryptic comment
>about double-null-move solving this problem, but I didn't understand what that
>might mean.
For a multi-threaded chess engine, why not have additional threads doing other
tasks.  If (for instance) you had a 32 CPU machine, it seems that one thread
running with null move off and one thread running as a mate solver would be a
good idea.

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