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Subject: iMac at Dutch Computer Championship - McTobber

Author: Richard A. Fowell (

Date: 14:01:25 11/06/99

I notice at Stormy Chess Corner

that one of the contestants at the Dutch Computer Championship is
running on one of the just-released Imacs:

McTobber99 / iMac DV, G3, 400MHz, 16 MB / Wim van Beusekom / Rotterdam, NL

(I think the "16 MB" must be the hash table size - the iMac DV comes with 64 MB,
and Wim tells me (see postscript) that he bought the "special" edition, which
comes stock with 128 MB).

McTobber is an experimental version of MacChess (note that Wim does not plan
to release any more versions of MacChess, but he tells me McTobber is only
slightly modified from MacChess 5.01).

Wim says McTobber averages over 400,000 nps on this machine.
[ Note: MacChess is definitely a "nodeburner" program - it generally
gets about 10x as many nodes per second has (the much stronger) HIARCS on the
same hardware.]

McTobber is currently (Round 10) playing Quest (Fritz) on Board 1.
Not that I think McTobber has much of a chance against Quest, but
I'd be ecstatic if McTobber managed a win or draw.

I asked Wim about the absence of another perennial entrant (Arthur)
which is not present this year. Wim tells me that Walter Ravenek decided
not to enter since he had not changed his program since last year, but
that he planned to continue in the future. "Arthur" runs on both Macs
and PCs, and often participates on Macs. [ Note that "Arthur" is a private
program, not publicly available.] Arthur participated in the 9th World
Computer Chess Championship this year.

Richard A. Fowell (

Note Wim sent me:
Hello Richard,

I have bought an iMac DV Special.

It is about five time faster than my 120 MHz. [ Mac 7200 - RAF]

The speed on the BT2630 test with 5 seconds per position:

120 MHz:   85192 positions per second
400 MHz:  432680 positions per second

Best regards, Wim.

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