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Subject: Re: 'A Null-Move Technique Impervious to Zugzwang', ICCA Vol.18, No.2, 1995

Author: Ratko V Tomic

Date: 00:06:16 11/10/99

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> It is same technique.

Could you give a hint here of the basic idea for those who don't have this ICCA
issue (I stopped subscribing to the ICCA in 1993, so I can't check it; but if
you have a TEX or PS or .DOC file etc accessible via an ftp I could read it from
there). I always wondered why the null-move implementations don't use an
arbitrary move for the skipped side (can move king back & forth or anything else
saved from earlier & checked for legality), since the time saving doesn't come
from not making that one/few in-between moves of the passive side but from not
varying them (over all legal moves for the passive side). That's what cuts the
tree size (acting as a forward pruner using width=1 for every second ply depth).

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