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Subject: Re: The Limits of Positional Knowledge

Author: Walter Koroljow

Date: 10:44:47 11/11/99

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I have some fundamental misunderstanding.

You say, "In the worst case, if this happens several times up the tree, you can
systematically (linearly with depth) drift away from the true best move (and the
true best value)."

How does an evaluation between the root and a leaf affect the final value
assigned to a root move?  Isn't this value always the value propagated back from
the leaf and perhaps combined with a root evaluation value (if the leaf
evaluation is intentionally brief)?

Thanks for any enlightenment,


P.s., I read your brief autobiography here a while ago, and it somewhat
parallels mine.  Except I quit chess before I went to study physics!  Another
question: you seemed to feel that you had to write the autobiography in response
to an etiquette issue -- does CCC require an autobiography?

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