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Subject: Re: The Limits of Positional Knowledge

Author: blass uri

Date: 09:28:26 11/12/99

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On November 12, 1999 at 11:49:12, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>I believe that 'diminishing returns' does happen, _if_ you take a static engine
>and run it on faster and faster hardware.

It is possible that the new programs earn more from fast hardware relative to
old programs and that this is the reason that I do not see the diminishing

I compared the difference of the same programs of the ssdf list
between p200 and p90 and between K6-450 and p200 and I was surprised to find
that the improvement from K6-450 relative to p200 is bigger than the improvement
between p200 amd p90

I admit that it is possible that the programs I compared between K6-450 and p200
earn more from time and that there is a diminishing return from being twice

The only way to check it is to use the same programs on 3 different hardware or
with 3 different speeds.


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