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Subject: To Peter Kappler and all paricipants of ICC Championship

Author: Alexander Kure

Date: 03:32:18 11/16/99

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On November 15, 1999 at 22:18:41, Peter Kappler wrote:

>On November 15, 1999 at 18:51:38, Will Singleton wrote:
>>I think you left out a few folks on the 60 10 side. :)  Singleton, Moreland,
>>McKenzie, and perhaps some others I can't recall. :))
>Sorry, Will - it wasn't intentional.  There have been so many posts recently
>that I simply lost track.
>I think the voting looks something like this so far:
>60 10 -  Moreland, McKenzie, Singleton, Stanback
>90 10 -  Kappler, Diepeveen, Swafford, Robertson
>I can't remember if Amir Ban indicated a preference.
>If this thing stays split down the middle, I suppose 75 10 would be a fair
>If your name isn't on this list, and you have a preference, please post a reply!

Dear Peter, participating programmers!

I am not the programmer of Nimzo (Chrilly Donninger in fact is), but as a member
of the Nimzo Werkstatt (kind of a pseudo office) I am responsible for the
opening book, did the Che++ knowledge code (hey, at least I coded something for
Nimzo ;-)) provide chess knowledge, do testing, run Nimzo on the ICC (Varguz)
and so on. As Chrilly is interested to let Nimzo play but does not have the
possibility (Hardware, Internet connection all day long, lack of personal
interest to attend *all* the time) to personally attend this tournament all the
time, I would like to ask if you will nevertheless accept the participation of
Nimzo in this ICC tournament with me as operator. Maybe I can persuade Chrilly
to attend the games for at least one evening.

Thx and greetings to all

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