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Subject: Little Goliath 2000 V2.0

Author: CLiebert

Date: 10:02:47 11/28/99

Coming soon!

Here are the main changes from LG2000a to LG2000 V2.0:

                              LITTLE GOLIATH 2000
                   (ENGINE FOR FRITZ6 GUI and WINBOARD 4.0.3)

                                  VERSION 2.0

   New (since version LG 2000a) :

   - modified search algo
   - redefined positional knowledge
   - new mode "COMBINATION" (see GOLIATH.INI file) which finds
     tactical solutions much faster. However, this mode should
     be used for problem solving only, not for playing games,
     where a performance drop could occur (not tested!).
   - positional knowledge can be switched off (see GOLIATH.INI)
   - better time handling in cases where few time is left
     (important: when using LG under the Fritz GUI I recommend to
     use a time level with increment, because LG has no information
     about the opponents clock which sometimes results in bad results
     against the native engines at blitz levels. This problem
     doesn't appear when running under Winboard 4.0.X).
   - "setboard" command (for use with EPD2DIAG) with a small
   - new Winboard commands "sd" (search depth), "st" (search time)
     and ICS "wild" (wild 7). See Winboard documentation for explanation.
   - more informations in Winboard's analyze-mode

More Infos at (german).

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