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Subject: New "WinBoard Engine", Techno Chess by Christophe Jolly, France !

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 16:47:33 12/06/99

Hello Winboarders,

we have a new "WinBoard Engines" but Techno Chess is not new. New is that Techno
Chess is compatible to WinBoard by Tim Mann. Techno Chess play the WM 1997 in
Paris. Techno use the Nalimov Table-Base. Here is important, that the TBs stands
in the Techno directory or a SET order in the autoexec.bat.
You can find in my new file the configuration.

Important is furthermore my detail page from Techno Chess. Unfortunately are my
detail pages in german ! I have not the time to translate 36 pages in english
and my english is not good enough for this action.

OK, I think that Techno Chess play very strong and play an interesting chess.

Big thanks to Christophe ...

Hey we can play a private france-ch :-))

La Dame Blanche
The Crazy Bishop
Techno Chess

are compatible to WinBoard by Tim Mann !

Not Virtual Chess and I think Chess Tiger. I wish me that the strong chess
program Chess Wizard come and is WinBoard compatible. The programmer of Chess
Wizard wrote here (2 months) that he will rewrite his program. I hope so ...

An other strong france chess program is the winner from the france-ch 99 Capture
(I think a MS DOS program) and GURU Chess. Guru Chess is I think a Linux

I see in the new WinBoard version 4.0.4 a little mistake :-(

When I start a match with mg x the engines are in the task manager when the
match is over. I wrote this Tim and he wrote that he will made an update. I
think the version 4.0.5 comming soon.

Have a nice day !

Kind regards

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