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Subject: Re: difference betrween nalimov and thompson EGTB

Author: Frederic Friedel

Date: 12:43:49 12/11/99

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On December 10, 1999 at 21:43:01, Rajen Gupta wrote:

>what is the deifference between the Nalimov and Ken Thompson's EGTB.I read
>somewhere that shredder has the Thompson tablebases on CD rom and can also
>access the nalimov tablebases-i wonder if someone could please explain?

Hi Rajan, there are many experts here, but since nobody has answered I'll give
it a shot. Ken's databases are highly compressed, you can get many of them on
one CD. No program I know of can use them in the search tree. Nalimov's
tablebases are bigger and can be used in the search. Nimzo in fact loads
sections into memory and does some amazing things with that. On Monday I'm going
to check it out with John Nunn, who has done some experiments with a many-pawn
database (have you read his "Brains of the Earth" story and test?). I have the
feeling that Nimzo may be able to duplicate or almost duplicate the performance
of the many-pawn database.

Here's an example:

8/5p1p/8/6k1/8/6P1/5PP1/7K w - - 0 1

or in proper notation


White to play and win. If you think 1.Kh2 is the correct first move then tell me
what White plays after 1...f6.

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