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Subject: Extended futility pruning and hashtables

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 10:10:08 12/30/99

Hi all,

I've just been reading Ernst Heinz's paper on extended futility
pruning and I have some questions:

a) where does the quiescent search fit in all this ? Should I just
assume that using a quiescent search is equal to statically evaluating
the position ? I.e. are 'horizon nodes' the ones at the end of the
standard search or those at the end of the quiescent search ? I am
already using futility pruning in the quiescent search and I don't
understand how this relates to the kind of futility pruning that's
described by Heinz. They seem indentical to me, except that, well,
mine is done in the qsearch and what Heinz describes looks like doing
it in the standard search.

b) I understand that just storing the values into the transposition table is
deadly (e.g. having to research after a fail-low would yield garbage), and
this is mentioned in the paper, but how should this optimally be handled then ?
Just not storing anything in the ttable seems rather radical.


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