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Subject: Armageddon Chess 1.0

Author: Martin Grabriel

Date: 01:47:28 01/04/00

A real beauty!! Reported by gambitsoft and Found at

My Likes:

(a) Portable -
you can put all the files in one disk and carry it around. All files = slightly
more than 1 mb. Doesn't consume HD space.

(b) Strong -
well, very strong

(c) Stable -
not buggy. Stable windows programme.

(d) Appearance -
uniquely beautiful (that is if you like wood theme).

(e) Features -
has the essentials - save and open in pgn, select game from a pgn game list,
edit tags, edit position, pondering on/off, forward/backward buttons like
fritz's and rebel's.

My Dislikes :

(a) Start-up -
by default is set as human-human play (you have to change it to human-computer
or computer-human each time you start the program)

(b) Mouse -
can't click-hold_piece-drop. Just click-drop (I am always fussy about the mouse.
That's why I like the mouse in Waxman, hates the mice :) in chenard and Kchess).
Can't stand the hand in Kchess and Fritz6.

(c) GUI Size -
doesn't cover full screen on the monitor

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