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Subject: random book moves/ random generator

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 08:22:20 01/13/00

I'm really amazed about next bug Thorsten clearly found:

This is how i do my initialization of random
generator as it is in all examples:

   srand((unsigned int)time(NULL));

Now if we have for example 3 moves A,B,C
with chances that a move gets played:
    A = 30
    B = 30
    C = 30
total = 90

Then obviously i want to play each move the same number of times.

The way in which i pick a move is:

number = rand()%total;

   A ==>  0..29
   B ==> 30..59
   C ==> 60..89

Now if i get more or less random numbers then i would expect that
'number' falls in 1/3 of the times between 0..29, at 1/3 of the times
between 30..59 and 1/3 of the times at 60..89

However if i start diep THEN THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN, as Thorsten
already figured out himself.

Sure it sometimes picks a different move, but it favours a certain move
a lot more than other moves.

This happens ONLY when i restart the program each time. I don't restart
within a second of course. Srand doesn't get initialized at the same
number each time.

If i just type inside the program 'newgame' and see what it has done now,
then this problem happens a lot less. It seems working then. Problem are
there clearly the first few numbers that i get from rand after initializing
srand with the time since 1970.


 a) is this problem known?
 b) what causes it?
 c) how to fix it?

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