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Subject: Re: Nalimov-EGTBs in ANSI-C?

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 16:09:23 01/21/00

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On January 21, 2000 at 18:50:24, Heiner Marxen wrote:

>I would like to add (the latest version of) the Nalimov EGTBs
>to my program Chest.  I understand that the probe code module
>from Eugene Nalimov ("egtb.cpp" in the Crafty distribution)
>is C++, in a non-trivial way (contains templates).
>My program up to now is pure ANSI-C, and I would very much prefer
>to stick to ANSI-C, since I want it to be portable to all those
>UNIX platforms, which have an ANSI-C compiler, but lack a C++ compiler
>(e.g. my development platform).
>Is it somehow possible to access the Nalimov EGTBs by pure
>ANSI-C source code?  All suggestions welcome!

Maybe someone has an old CFRONT compiler, but I don't know if they had templates
back on those days.  If there is a version that handles templates, you might be
able to spew out C code from it.  I think that the KAP C++ compiler might do
that.  Or you could check with Greg Comeau's C++ compiler.

You can always compile the C++ stuff with G++ which is free.  I do know that the
C++ has caused a little blood, sweat and tears for those who do not have a C++
compiler or for those who have a substandard one.  (I hear JdJGR muttering under
his breath) ;-)

Because of the use of templates, it would be a MAJOR rewrite to redo the whole
thing in C.

On the other hand, Crafty is so mega-mega popular that you can probably get
someone else to send you an object for just about any machine on earth.  Since
they will have already had to compile EGTB.CPP to create Crafty, they should
have EGTB.o just lying around somewhere.

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